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Step 1: Are you coming to Dalhousie as an exchange student?

Yes – If your home university has an exchange agreement with Dalhousie University. If you are unsure, please visit our university-wide and department-specific agreements sections.

No – If there is no exchange agreement between your home university and Dalhousie University. However, you can still come to Dalhousie as a Visiting Student. The International Centre does not process applications from visiting students; please contact the Registrar's Office if you have questions.

Step 2: Nomination by your home university

ALL exchange students must be nominated by their home university. Applications received without a prior email message of nomination from the partner university will not be accepted. Before deciding if you want to do an exchange at Dalhousie, you should become familiar with important dates in our academic year.

If you are coming to Dalhousie through a department-specific agreement, do not follow steps 3, 4, and 5 below. Please contact the exchange coordinator at your home institution for information regarding your application process.

Step 3: Choose your courses

Dalhousie University has an exciting, broad range of classes for you to take. (Please note, at Dalhousie you may often hear the word "class" instead of "course.") Since it's very important that you fulfill your degree requirements at home, you want to be certain that the classes you take at Dalhousie will be recognized by your home university. We strongly recommend that you meet with your exchange advisor at home before choosing your classes.

For information about the classes you can choose from and when they are offered please see the Academic Timetable. Most classes are open to exchange students, but there are some restrictions: Dentistry, Health Professions, Planning, plus most Engineering courses. If you are unsure about what classes are available to you, please email international.centre@dal.ca Please note that access to courses will only be granted if you have the appropriate academic background to be considered.

You can find a list of potential classes with local community or Canadian content here.

Once you have made your choices (and verified that there won’t be any time conflicts in your schedule), please fill out the Course Selection form (pdf) and save it as a PDF file.

Dalhousie's Class Credit System

  • Full-time student status is a minimum of 3 classes per term with each class lasting the full term
  • Students at Dalhousie normally take 5 classes per term with each class lasting the full term
  • Each class iis worth 0.5 credits or 3 credit hours
  • If you take 5 classes, this equals 2.5 credits/15 credit hours total per term
  • If you take 3 classes, this equals 1.5 credits/9 credit hours total per term

Step 4: Prepare your application package

  • Read the application guidelines and fill out the Undergraduate Application Form, or the Graduate Application Form if you are planning to take graduate-level classes.
  • You will also need to request original transcripts from the post-secondary institution(s) you have attended.
  • Your application package must be emailed by your exchange coordinator to the International Centre before the exchange application deadlines (February 1 for the Summer term; May 1 for the Fall term; October 1 for the Winter term). Please note that degree students at Dalhousie may be required to meet different deadlines than those set for exchange students.

Step 5: Submit your application package

Make sure you are including the following documents in your application package:

  • Undergraduate or graduate application form
  • Copy of transcript(s) from post-secondary institution(s)
  • Course selection form

Your home university must send your application and supporting documents electronically to international.centre@dal.ca. Please note we no longer accept paper applications and we no longer require a paper copy of your official transcript as email is sufficient. 


Next steps

Once you are admitted to Dalhousie, you will receive a confirmation by email and a welcome package by regular mail. Please read our New Student Guide to be better prepared for your exchange.

Note: If application packages are not complete or if they are not sent directly to our office, your application process will be significantly delayed. If you are admitted late, you may not be able to register in all the classes you have chosen and/or find accommodation on campus.

Meet our Study Abroad & Exchange team!

Study Abroad Advisor


Gillian MacDonald

Study Abroad & Exchange Advisor 

Gillian's best piece of advice for exchange students? Take the leap! The world is a beautiful place to explore. 

Gillian grew up in Nova Scotia, but has travelled the globe and lived in many special places. It was leaving the province to go explore the world that has helped her to realize just how truly special Nova Scotia is and she is happy to be living in the area again after many years away from home. 

She has a passion for group facilitation and activities, meaningful and heartfelt discussions over coffee, and loves sharing all that the city of Halifax has to offer. Playing games, gardening, book club and movies, as well as drinking cappuccinos on Monday morning and baking the perfect cookie are some of the things that put a smile on her face. 

Gillian can be reached at: gillian.macdonald@dal.ca

Study Abroad and Exchange Assistant - Inbound

Tara Mody

Study Abroad and Exchange Assistant (Inbound)

The Study Abroad and Exchange Assistant can be reached at inboundexchange@dal.ca  

Study Abroad and Exchange Assistant - Outbound

Delainey Wescott

Study Abroad and Exchange Assistant (Inbound)

The Study Abroad and Exchange Assistant can be reached at outboundexchange@dal.ca