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How to serve your international exchange students better

If you are administering a department- or faculty-specific exchange program, this page will help ensure that your incoming exchange students are admitted properly and receive adequate support services.

Important application deadlines

  • February 1: Students coming to Dalhousie in the Summer term.
  • May 1: Students coming to Dalhousie in the Fall term (September–December) or the Fall and Winter terms (September–April).
  • October 1: Students coming to Dalhousie in the Winter term (January–April).

Step-by-step guidelines for departmental/faculty exchange coordinators

Step 1: Nomination from Home University

  • Students are nominated by their home institution, who will inform the Dalhousie Departmental Coordinator of the nominations.

Step 2: Dalhousie Departmental Coordinator Approval

  • The Dalhousie Departmental Coordinator who will review the nomination and determine whether the student is approved to participate in the exchange program.
  • If the Departmental Coordinator would like to have the students admitted to their exchange program, they will send a list of approved students to the Exchange Program Coordinator and ask the students to formally apply to Dalhousie.

Step 3: Admission

  • Direct approved students to the Apply Now section of this website for access to the application portal/form and a list of required documents.
  • The Exchange Program Coordinator will confirm that any student that applies has been approved by the department and will work with the Registrar Office to have the student properly admitted, and a B00 number set up.
  • The student will receive their Dalhousie admissions letter via email. The Departmental Coordinator will be copied on this message. 
  • The Dalhousie Study Abroad and Exchange Advisor will contact the students once they are admitted to convey important information, invite them to participate in relevant social media, and to answer any questions they might have prior to their arrival.


Step 4: Registration

  • Once the students have a Banner number, the Dalhousie Departmental Coordinator will obtain overrides if necessary and ensure the student is registered in the courses they have requested.
  • The Dalhousie Study Abroad and Exchange Advisor will send the students detailed instructions for how to access Dal Online, set up their email, and how to register for courses.

Step 5: Transcripts

The Dalhousie Departmental Coordinator will ensure that the students are informed about how to obtain their transcript which they will need to provide to their home institution.


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