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Connections Group

For: All Dalhousie and King’s students 

Where: Room 2304, Lemarchant Place 

Group Facilitator: DrHeather Patterson & Dr. Jason Chatman 

When: Thursdays 1 – 2:30pm from February 2-April 6

Registration is required.

PLEASE NOTE: This group is currently full and registration is now closed for the Winter 2023 semester.

This is a process-oriented group where participants will share their experiences and hear about the experiences of others. Participants can self-refer or be referred by a Student Health and Wellness practitioner (pre-screening required by a facilitator). 

Group requirements: Participants should have specific interpersonal/relational patterns or goals that they would like to work on within session.   

Some examples of these issues may include:  

  • Working on being more open in relationships  
  • Feeling angry or dissatisfied in relationships 
  • Struggling to have close or deep relationships  
  • Being a “people pleaser”  
  • Relying on substances to socialize (alcohol, cannabis)   
  • Struggling to communicate needs directly  
  • Experiencing anxiety in social situations   
  • Difficulty trusting others 
  • Manipulating others to get needs met  
  • Being controlling (or easily controlled) in relationships 
  • Frequently ghosting others and/or being ghosted    

Exclusionary criteria include individuals who are actively experiencing suicidal ideation (i.e., with plan and/or intent) or who are not able to engage with a group in a collaborative fashion due to severe challenges with emotional regulation.   

All registrants will be contacted by the facilitator for pre-screening and to confirm other details in advance.