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Karen Lorraine (Ren), BSW, BFA, MSW, RSW

Karen came to Dalhousie in March 2017 as a part of the original team tasked with creating the Same Day Counselling (SDC) model of practice. SDC has become an integral part of Dalhousie Health & Wellness. Karen likes to bring care, curiosity, recovery, humour and artistic energy to her counselling practice. She believes in the importance of students feeling safe enough to have very real and honest discussions so they can bring awareness and changes to areas of their lives they may be in conflict over, in order to improve their personal and academic lives.

Karen always want to help make the university a welcoming place for all people. She is in the LGBTQIA+ community. When she is not at Dalhousie, she enjoys volunteering, walking, yoga, swimming, writing, all the Arts and animals (especially her sweet cat Coco).

Headshot of Karen Lorraine