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Susan Lavoie, PhD, Registered Psychologist

Susan has worked at Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness since 2012 and supports students from an individual, group, and advocacy basis.  Susan's approach is very much student-centred and she works with students from a broad array of diverse backgrounds (e.g., race, religion, LGBTQA+) and a broad array of concerns (e.g., eating issues, emotion regulation, trauma, discrimination, relationships). Susan's aim is to provide a safe, non-judgemental, creative, allied space, with a side of quirk and appropriately placed corny jokes. 

When she's not at work, she is mostly focused on raising her tiny human to approach the world and the other humans in it with kindness and acceptance. She also enjoys baking, watching terrible reality shows, and making inanimate objects talk. Some say she sees life in cartoon...they might not be wrong.

Susan Lavoie