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Leland Maerz, MEd, RCT, CCC

Prior to joining Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness, Leland spent a significant amount of years working internationally as a teacher and counsellor.  Living, working, and travelling in different continents gave him an appreciation for diverse ways of being in the world, and for how people make meaning out of, and seek help to address, their mental health.  

In recent years, Leland has further developed his expertise as a therapist through concurrent roles with Nova Scotia Health (Mental Health and Addictions) and in the non-profit sector addressing and supporting those affected by family conflict and sexualized violence.  He aims for collaborative therapy relationships that are trauma-informed, and culturally sensitive while still making way for curiosity, creativity and the restoration of individual agency.  

When not at Dal, Leland can be found enjoying time with his small family along Nova Scotia’s eastern shore, improving his old home, surfing, mountain biking, and contributing as he can to vibrant community.