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Joe Savidge, RCT-C

Joe expressed delight upon joining Dal's Student Health and Wellness team in 2021, stating he appreciates the ways his role affords him the opportunity to connect with a diverse array of students. Before becoming a counsellor, Joe worked in suicide/crisis support with youth and young adults, and in pediatric psychosocial care with children and families. These roles today inform his counselling style: empathetic listening combined with open and playful curiosity. His early education in science, and experiences in industry, inform his preference for evidence-based therapeutic approaches such as narrative therapy, person-centered therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy. 

Joe values opportunities to learn and grow from ongoing research, as well as the wisdom of his mentors and colleagues, and feels privileged to have lived and worked around the world.  In his downtime he devotes time to surfing, mountain biking, and quiet moments with a book and a warm beverage.  

Joe headshot