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Heather Patterson, PsyD, Registered Psychologist

I believe in the transformative power of relationships and connections. I strive to create a warm, open, non-judgmental, collaborative therapeutic relationship with my clients to facilitate growth and confidence in their ability to move toward what is truly important in their lives. 

I have a particular interest in the areas of interpersonal relationships, attachment, gender, and human sexuality. I have worked extensively with the LGBTQ+ community in both university and private practice settings.

I have been working in a full-time capacity with the Dalhousie community since 2019. Recognizing the numerous privileges I have in order to be able to work in my role as a Registered Psychologist, I strive daily to amplify and support the voices of marginalized communities.

In my non-work life, I enjoy spending time with my partner, family/friends and my two cats. I love watching movies, playing games, baking/cooking, being around animals of all kinds, and going to the ocean.