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Andrea Cameron, MEd, RCT, CCC

Andrea has worked with Dalhousie students as a same-day counsellor since 2019. Her sessions with students draw on cognitive and emotion-focused strategies to help you identify what is important in life and to take steps toward that valued life. The process typically includes some looking back, looking ahead, and grounding in the present moment. 

The metaphor of an acorn is sometimes used to describe the therapy process, in that an acorn already knows how to grow into an oak tree, what it needs is a nourishing place to grow, and sometimes some help to shift obstacles out of the way. Andrea has worked with a wide range of clients in university health services, employee and family assistance programs and community agencies, and has found that when clients are able to check in with themselves, they find direction.

When not counselling Andrea can often be found hiking, painting, sewing or meditating.