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Program snapshot

Top 8 reasons to study Applied Computer Science at Dalhousie:

  1. Be a leader in helping organizations achieve more through the application of computing technology.
  2. Combine a deep understanding of technology with problem solving, project management, communications and management skills.
  3. Enjoy a wide range of courses in computer science and management taught by world-renowned and award-winning faculty.
  4. Master the software development and management skills needed to bridge the gap between business and IT.
  5. Work in project teams with classmates from all years of the program to create solutions for clients in the non-profit sector.
  6. Vibrant student life - three student societies, programming competitions, hackathons, game jams and fun social events.
  7. Through co-op placements with companies like Microsoft, T4G, and IBM, gain real-world industry experience and earn up to $10,000 per work term.
  8. Graduate with the knowledge, experience, and contacts you need to accelerate your early career.

What will I learn?

Man works at computer

From databases to building web applications to managing organizations, choose from a great variety of courses covering both computer science and its applications.

What can I do?

Students work on surface computer

Become a leader in the development and deployment of technologies in society. Become an analyst, a system designer, a web and cloud-solution developer.