MSc Psychology

A path to a PhD

Dalhousie's MSc Psychology program is not a traditional, stand-alone master's program. For our graduate students, it's just the beginning of the road toward a PhD.

We view our master's program as a fundamental component of the PhD program itself. Our MSc Psychology students are expected to do research in experimental psychology and move on to the PhD program upon completion of their master's degree.

Program Details

Master of Science in Psychology (MSc)

Choose a research supervisor

Before you begin your studies at Dalhousie, we encourage you to visit our department or correspond by email with faculty members whose research interests you. The best way to find a research supervisor whose interests match yours is to:

  • Discuss ideas and projects with prospective supervisors
  • Ask faculty for descriptions of possible research projects

Program structure

Students entering with an honours degree in Psychology or Psychology/Neuroscience are admitted into a master's program with a one-year residency requirement.

Occasionally, when a student does not have an honours degree in Psychology or Psychology/Neuroscience, he/she may be admitted into a program with a two-year residency requirement. In such cases, additional course work may be prescribed by the student's supervisory committee.  

In addition to the master’s thesis, which is the major requirement of this program, a student in the Psychology MSc program must complete the following classes:

  • Psychology 6001A Fundamentals of Statistics and Experimental Design
  • Psychology 7501 and 7502: Proseminar in Methods of Psychological Inquiry (both must be completed in the same year)
  • At least 1 full credit of electives

The Graduate Program Coordinator, in collaboration with the student and supervisor, will assess the needs of the student and determine any other requirements beyond the minimum outlined above.

During each residency year, master's students must register for and attend both semesters of the colloquium series (Psychology 8001.03 and 8002.03) and will be required to serve as a teaching assistant in our undergraduate program. Master's students must register for Psychology 9000 (Thesis).

Application Deadlines

Applications must be received by December 1.