MSc Psychology & Neuroscience

Combining disciplines

At Dalhousie, we view the combined MSc Psychology and Neuroscience program as a foundation of knowledge that students use to build toward a PhD degree. In other words, our master's program is not a traditional stand-alone degree program.

Students in this program are expected to do research in experimental psychology neuroscience and move on to a PhD program upon completion of their master's degree.

Research: The Central Focus

Research is paramount for graduate students in Dalhousie's Psychology and Psychology/Neuroscience programs. It's equally important to our faculty members, who make valuable contributions to the Psychology and Neuroscience fields through a variety of research projects.

Among the research strengths of our department are developmental and clinical psychology, cognition and cognitive neuroscience. Graduate students benefit from the mentorship and guidance of our researchers while researching topics such as:

  • Developmental neurobiology/neuroendocrinology
  • Pediatric pain and cognitive development
  • Child psychopathology
  • Cognitive mechanisms


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