Certificate in Strategic Decisions in Health Administration

Advanced knowledge of effective and ethical decision-making

The Canadian healthcare system is expensive. And it’s complex—district and regional health boards, hospital and agency administrations, private clinics and provincial and federal government departments are all active, sometimes competing, elements.

To keep the system working for all Canadians, tough administrative decisions must be made constantly. What healthcare services will be offered? To whom? How will they be delivered? Financed?

Study the science of better decision-making

The Certificate in Strategic Decisions in Health Administration delves into the science of decision-making. This optional certificate is completed alongside MHA coursework, and teaches fundamental concepts of effective, efficient and ethical decision-making.

Decision-making is more than collecting and analyzing information, and it’s more than a gut feeling. Among other topics, MHA+ students opting for this certificate program will learn:

  • the difference between decisions based on health ethics versus health law
  • to spot and manage psychological constructs that affect decision-making
  • to recognize the influence of stakeholders and specific decision-making processes
  • effective strategies to communicate and implement decisions

Any current or future health administrator seeking deeper knowledge about how to make better decisions will benefit from this certificate.

MHA students choosing not to complete the certificate select from a range of other elective courses.

Course requirements

MHA students wishing to receive this certificate must complete these 4 courses:

  • HESA 6100: Ethical Decisions in Health Administration
  • HESA 6341: Management Union Relations: Decisions and Implementation
  • HESA 6345: Healthcare Leadership: Decisions, Ownership & Accountability
  • HESA 6400: Executive Decisions: The Dynamics of Bias, Risk & Persuasion

This certificate is only available to students completing an MHA.

If you’re interested in taking the certificate, you’ll be given an opportunity at the beginning of the program to declare the MHA+. You can opt out of the certificate and complete the regular MHA course of study at any time.

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