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The Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University is the premier academic research institution in Information Technology in Atlantic Canada.

Since our founding in 1997, the Faculty has developed research strengths across five major areas: Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine LearningHuman-Computer Interaction, Visualization & GraphicsSystemsAlgorithms & Bioinformatics, and Computer Science Education.

Our award-winning professors work in areas of research that cut across many industries and permeate nearly all human endeavors. From oceans to healthcare, information communications technology to gaming, our students and professors are making an impact.

We are home to high profile research centres and institutes, including the Institute for Big Data Analytics and DeepSense.

The Institute for Big Data Analytics, works to create knowledge and expertise by facilitating fundamental, interdisciplinary and collaborative research in big data. We aim to be an international hub of excellence in the field, while also ensuring our work is relevant and applicable for our local industries.

DeepSense is a unique ocean research partnership between industry, academia and government that enables companies to benefit from technology solutions that solve real-world ocean related data challenges.