Funding & support

Students with funding

Master of Computer Science 
All Master of Computer Science students are automatically considered for funding. Funding is based on merit and availability; and thus not all admitted students receive funding. Those that are admitted with funding, and making satisfactory progress, are fully funded for tuition and student fees plus a minimum of $12,000 a year. Students are expected to complete their degree in five terms.

PhD in Computer Science
PhD students making satisfactory progress are fully funded for tuition and school fees, plus a minimum of $15,000 a year for at least four years.

Please note: All financial commitments are made on an individual basis and the terms of funding support will be set out in the offer and/or admission letter that students receive.

Financial Amounts

The following table displays how much will be received by a funded student making satisfactory progress within the master's or PhD in computer science programs.

Fund Opportunities

What's covered

Income after tuition & fees                


Master of Computer Science
(eligible for funding, but not guaranteed)


Tuition + fees*

$12,000 per year

4+ terms 

PhD in Computer Science
(all are admitted with funding)

Tuition + fees*

$15,000 per year

min. 4 years

Fully-funded fellowship opportunities in: 

  • Human-Computer Interaction, Visualizations & Graphics
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems, Networks & Security
  • Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Ocean Analytics
  • Algorithms & Bioinformatics


Tuition + fees*


Dependent on program (see above)


*Fees include

  • Student Service fee
  • Student Union fee
  • University bus pass fee
  • Society fee
  • Dalhousie Student Union health plan
  • Differential fees for international students

Where does your funding come from?
Funding for MCS and PhD students is a mix of:

Students without funding

Master of Applied Computer Science (MACS) students not eligible for the above graduate scholarship funding, but they may receive partial funding from their supervisor if they contribute towards a funded research project. MACS students have the opportunity to earn money and valuable work experience through the internship stream with paid internships in Canada.

Unfunded MCS and MACS students are encouraged to select courses according to their research interests and contact potential supervisors as early as possible. Potential supervisors will consider the relevance of the coursework of a student before agreeing to supervise.