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Finding Your Way Through Genes

“We are working on a genomic selection approach, a new era in genetic improvement, which allows us to do a faster job of improving productivity as well as health, reproduction and longevity,” says Jyoti Joshi, postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Beiko’s lab. “This project is extremely promising for animal breeding industries. To improve the reproductive life of Holstein cattle and increase the overall genetic profile of the herd would increase the overall benefit of the project to the agriculture sector.” Read the full story.


Digital Access at your Fingertips

Kardam Tiwari was drenched in sweat when he arrived at the entrance of ABM Integrated Solutions in Dartmouth on a scorching afternoon this June. It was 1 p.m. and he didn’t have an appointment.

“’Whom do you want to meet?’” asked the person who answered the door. “I said, ‘Someone who is concerned with security,’” recalls Tiwari — and he didn’t mean guards. Read the full story.


Raising awareness through art, dance and culture

Last fall, Hasmeet used the group as a springboard to collaborate with refugee support group United for One and the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) to help raise money to bring Syrian refugees to Nova Scotia. Hasmeet played a central role in organizing the fundraising dinner, which saw 400 people from various faith communities pledge $200,000 — zooming past their original $160,000 goal. Read the full story.


Helpful Hacking

The champion: Sol-Ops, created by Pedram Abidi (Research Associate, Institute for Big Data Analytics), Parsa Sarshar (Master of Computer Science student and Research Assoicaite in the Institute for Big Data Analytics), and alumnus Mehran Zamani. The app optimizes the economical and environmental usage of solar hot water systems by understanding the user’s behaviour patterns and showing them what behaviours should be continued or changed, in order to reduce their hot water system’s energy consumption. The team received a $6,500 prize. Read the full story.


Award for the "Most Innovative Use of Big Data"

A team of 3 students from the Institute for Big Data Analytics have walked away with the prize of the "Most Innovative Use of Big Data", and a cheque for $800 from the Sports Hack 2015 competition, held Nov 27-29th in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax and sponsored by a range of big name tech companies, universities and the CFL. Read the full story.