Faculty of Science

Master of Science (MSc)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The department offers programs leading to the degrees of MSc and PhD in the following areas: statistical inference, robust statistics, data mining, bioinformatics, data analysis, multivariate analysis, linear and nonlinear regression, time series analysis, statistical genetics, environmental statistics, and information theory.

Computing Facilities

The department operates a network of Sun servers, workstations, a Unix cluster, and PCs. Standard statistical and mathematical software such as Splus, SAS, BMDP, Minitab, NAG, IMSL, Matlab and Maple are available, as well as special-purpose applications software in a variety of areas. Graduate student offices are all equipped with computers.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must satisfy the general requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Aptitude and Advanced Mathematics scores are recommended for all applicants for graduate studies whose undergraduate work has been completed outside of Canada.

Application Deadline

January 15 (for scholarships)

Contact Information

Subject Code: STAT
Tel: 902-494-3214
Address: Chase Building,
Halifax, NS, Canada, B3H 3J5
Graduate Coordinator: Lam Ho
Graduate Coordinator Email:
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