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When the best defense is a good statistician

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Upcoming Events

  • @ CAT Seminar
    October 6, 2015 2:30 PM

    Presented by :  Gabor Lukacs

    Topic : Weakly complete spaces and the character groups of Hopf algebras (continued)  (joint work with Rafael Dahmen)


    The characters of a Hopf algebra (i.e., algebra homomorphisms into the ground field) form a topological group with respect to the dual of the comultiplication and the topology of pointwise convergence.

    These talks are motivated by the problem of characterizing the topological groups that occur as a character group of some Hopf algebra.

    The first talk in the series will focus the dual to the category of vector spaces: the weakly complete topological vector spaces and their continuous linear maps. This category turns out to be the natural habitat for the character groups of Hopf algebras.