Dal Alert!

Receive alerts from Dalhousie by text message.


DalCard Convenience

You can use your DalCard to make purchases at participating businesses on campus and off campus.


Save Money

You can earn 5% Back when you use your DalCard with participating vendors.


DalCard is an Essential Part of Campus Life

DalCard is your official Dalhousie ID, your library card, a debit card for select goods and services, and it can be used to access specific locations around campus.


Use Your DalCard and Save!

Money you add to your DalCard account is called Dal Dollars.

If you make a purchase at any participating vendor using Dal Dollars, you will receive 5% Back the following week.

Any 5% Back money you earn will be used before your Dal Dollars or Food Bucks on your next purchase at a participating vendor.

The bookstores also participate in the 5% Back program. Money earned from bookstore transactions will be applied to future bookstore purchases.

Many on-campus and off-campus vendors participate in the 5% Back program.


DalCard Office
DalCard Office Door 2

The Halifax DalCard Office is located at 6230 Coburg Rd. The Truro DalCard Office (Enrolment Services Centre) is located at 21 Cox Road, Cox Institute, Room 100.