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Jump into the unknown

Yasmeen Ghebari says SoSA's philosophical and individual approach to social science helped her grow in her first year at university.


The sociology of texting

In tutorials, students participate in hands-on activities that give them insights into human culture and behaviour - sometimes, their own.


Halifax is your field of study

Hayley Franklin and Jean-Philippe Foster discovered Halifax by taking the course Living in Cities. They took to the streets and studied local culture in depth.


Why statistics are good for you

Learn just how important crunching numbers can be to understanding society in Yoko Yoshida's quantitative methods course.


Program snapshot

Top 9 reasons to study SoSA at Dal:

  1. Dynamism: Our program provides students with a rigorous, critical approach to studying the world we live in.
  2. Two disciplines in one: The Sociology and Social Anthropology program offers two distinct intellectual and methodological ways to look at people and societies.
  3. Want social change? We have a strong commitment to scholarship engaged in issues of social justice, inequality and power relations in society.
  4. Go local or go global: Our faculty immerse you in world cultures through their research in Canada, the Middle East, South America and Asia.
  5. Get personal: Students find SoSA gives them a critical context for their personal experiences and challenges the common beliefs we hold about the world.
  6. Improve your people skills: Our courses teach you how to observe, interview and write while being sensitive to bias and cultural difference.
  7. We teach freedom: Our Major and Honours seminars are self-directed and help focus your research interests.
  8. Big picture: SoSA examines societies in an interdisciplinary way, combining politics, economics, statistics, history and philosophy.
  9. Travels well: Our graduates practice social science in all sorts of industries: non-profits, government, media, health, politics and law - to name a few.

What will I learn?

Elizabeth Fitting’s Food and Activism course shows students another side of the food industry

Sample courses: In Elizabeth Fitting’s course, Food and Activism, you’ll discover how cultures around the world are challenging the current food system and engaging in alternative practices.

What can I do?

Dal SoSA alum Jenny Benson started her own non-profit organization while she was still a student.

Be a self-starter: Graduate Jenny Benson runs her own non-profit organization called the Aninga Project and works in Nova Scotia provincial politics.