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Hands-on learning

The Pre-Vet program at Dal's Faculty of Agriculture in Truro, Nova Scotia gives you the experience you need to apply to vet school. You'll work with cattle and sheep at the Ruminant Animal Centre—one of our many facilities.


Diverse research opportunities

You could participate in an exciting research project. Pre-Vet faculty members are involved in research on a variety of topics from animal genetics to reproduction to conservation.


Study the whole animal

Our courses differ from traditional biology. We focus on animal nutrition, physiology, genetics, welfare and behaviour—the whole animal. These topics mirror what you'll study in vet school.


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Study at the Faculty of Agriculture in Truro

Located one hour from Halifax in Truro, NS, Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus is a great place to study, work and live.


Top 7 reasons to study Pre-Veterinary Medicine at Dalhousie:

  1. Prepare for success: Take the courses you'll need to apply to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program.
  2. Get hands-on: Help care for animals like dairy cattle, sheep, poultry and mink. Our Faculty of Agriculture in Truro is the only one in the region that allows you to work with animals in your first year.
  3. Network with veterinarians: By participating in events and trips through our Pre-Vet Club, you'll improve your knowledge, build a network of contacts and enhance your application to vet school.
  4. Enjoy small class sizes: Learn in an environment that offers plenty of one-on-one interaction. Our advisors will also help you apply to a DVM program with mock interview and resume assistance.
  5. Gain work experience: Take advantage of our year-round employment and volunteer opportunities with dairy cattle, sheep, poultry, mink and horses.
  6. Join a tight-knit group: You'll belong to a large group of highly engaged students who share a common goal: vet school.
  7. Earn a degree in just two more years: With two years of education completed, you may opt to finish your Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) in just two more years and choose from a variety of majors like Animal Science or Aquaculture.

What will I learn?

Student feeding a sheep from her hand

You’ll learn about the region’s animal industries and attend seminars on animal health and the medical field. You’ll also get the opportunity to care for several breeds of animals in a hands-on environment at the campus farm.

What can I do?

Student sitting with a cow

Our Pre-Vet studies prepare you to further your education in a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. You may also choose to continue your studies and earn a Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) from Dalhousie.