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Engineer your future

Whether your focus is electrical circuits, agriculture or the environment, the Engineering Diploma program at Dalhousie is all about learning how things work—so you can get to work on your career.


Bring your ideas to life

As part of a class project, Nicole Cox worked with a small group of students to design and build a truck-mounted crane.


Sustainability in agriculture

Dr. Corscadden works closely with the local energy industry and his teaching and research focuses on ways to produce renewable energy.


Study at the Faculty of Agriculture in Truro

Located one hour from Halifax in Truro, NS, Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus is a great place to study, work and live.

Top 6 reasons to do an Engineering Diploma at Dalhousie:

  1. A tight-knit community: The Dalhousie Agricultural Campus in Truro offers Engineering Diploma students the chance to study in an intimate community environment.
  2. Pathway to a degree: The course work you'll complete in the Engineering Diploma program is equivalent to the first two years of Dalhousie's Bachelor of Engineering program. Receive your diploma and you can start your degree studies in third year.
  3. Team spirit: At the Faculty of Agriculture, Engineering Diploma students are exposed to a unique learning method called Integrated Engineering, which emphasizes teamwork and leadership.
  4. Expert instruction: A faculty consisting of professional engineers and scientists ensures you'll receive quality instruction in the classroom and learn about current research.
  5. Engineer a career: Engineering Diploma graduates who finish their Bachelor of Engineering go on to careers in professional engineering, digital development, architecture and mechanical inspection, among many others.
  6. Open the classroom door: Engineering Diploma graduates can apply to Dal's Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies program, the first step toward a career in architecture.

What will I learn?


As an Engineering Diploma student, you'll study a broad range of science, math, computer and design courses, as well as courses geared specifically to your chosen discipline of engineering.

What can I do?


An Engineering Diploma from Dalhousie brings you closer to a career in professional engineering, architecture and other fields, as well as further study in bachelor's and master's degree programs.