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Canadian politics is relevant

Dr. Lori Turnbull brings her expertise in political science—specifically, the Canadian political system—to the Canadian Studies program.


Complementary courses

Lucy Dykhuis is planning to combine two areas of interest in her honours thesis: sustainable development and Aboriginal history and culture.


What is Canadian identity?

In Canadian Studies courses, students explore what it means to be Canadian through readings, images, films, and discussions.


Multidisciplinary perspectives

Dr. Carrie Dawson loves getting different perspectives on Canada through team teaching the core course, The Idea of Canada.


Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to choose Canadian Studies at Dal:

  1. Join a community of teachers and students interested in questions of Canada’s regional character, national identity, and global responsibility.
  2. Learn from award-winning professors from a wide range of disciplines, with interests in everything Canadian from eco-criticism to multiculturalism to hockey.
  3. Take Canadian Studies as a minor, double major, or combined honours along with another subject, to complement your interests and expand your marketability.
  4. Get an exciting introduction to Canadian Studies in CANA 2001: The Idea of Canada: Social and Political Perspectives, and CANA 2002: The Idea of Canada: Cultural and Literary Perspectives. These courses deal with everything from exploration and Canada’s territorial expansion to questions of sovereignty and foreign policy.
  5. Choose elective courses from nine other departments, from English to Economics— courses like “Topics in Canadian Music” or “Canadian Cultural Landscapes.”
  6. Access an international community of scholars interested in Canadian Studies through Dal’s study abroad programs, in cool countries like Denmark.
  7. Prepare for a career in many fields, like teaching, law, or journalism—or in the Prime Minister’s office.

What will I learn?

canadian studies_mini_022

Through the Canadian Studies program’s interdisciplinary approach, you’ll get an overview of what makes Canada the country it is—and who its people are—in terms of history, politics, culture, and society.

What can I do?

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With a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Canadian Studies, your career opportunities are as broad as the number of disciplines participating in the program. Discover the paths you might follow after graduating from Dal's Canadian Studies program.