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Explore your interests

Our First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) give you the chance to delve into the subjects that matter most to you, from pop culture to international politics to the performing arts.


Digital depth

Dalhousie's Certificate in Computing in Arts and Social Sciences will boost your digital literacy while you're following your passion in the humanities.


Look forward

Arts and Social Sciences students at Dalhousie prepare for diverse career paths and learn inside and outside the classroom.


Set the stage

A Bachelor of Arts degree from Dalhousie opens up countless paths to a fulfilling future. Apply now and start on the path that's right for you.


Get a student's perspective

Connect with our Student Ambassadors and find out about life as an Arts and Social Sciences student at Dalhousie.


Program snapshot

Top 6 reasons to study Arts and Social Sciences at Dal:

  1. Flexibility: Our Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs give you the opportunity to combine majors, study minors and sample courses from across the academic spectrum, including many from our neighbours at University of King's College. We offer the widest selection of Arts and Social Science courses in Atlantic Canada.
  2. Coordinated Arts Program: Take a condensed and focused program of first-year courses in the CAP program and build a solid foundation for your future studies.
  3. Critical thinking: No matter what you study, you'll learn to think critically and creatively about the world – a skill valued in all fields of employment.
  4. Communication skills: Our programs are based on discussion, debate and the free-flowing exchange of ideas between students and faculty.
  5. Keys to a career: The diversity of skills, knowledge and experiences you get with a BA degree prepares you to pursue careers in law, business, media, government, non-profits and more.
  6. The heart of Halifax: Located in Atlantic Canada's cultural capital, Dal and its students shape and celebrate life in Halifax, from its thriving music scene to its oceanfront beauty.

What will I learn?

Elizabeth Fitting’s Food and Activism course shows students another side of the food industry

Whether you're interested in political theory, how to run a successful activist campaign, learning a language or producing a stage play, you can explore multiple interests – in almost any combination – at Dal. Whatever you choose, you'll develop critical thinking skills you can use in every aspect of life.

What can I do?

Dal SoSA alum Jenny Benson started her own non-profit organization while she was still a student.

A BA program sharpens your mind into a tool you can apply to an almost limitless selection of careers. With your ability to analyze, critique, create and build relationships, you'll have the skills employers need and be prepared to pursue careers and graduate study in law, business and more.