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One of Dalhousie’s priorities is to welcome more members of the Maritime aboriginal community to campus to study health sciences.


Finding the right fit

Sage Marshall credits her academic success to her professors who know her by name and who are willing to give her one-on-one attention.


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Program snapshot

Located one hour from Halifax in Truro, NS, Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus is a great place to study, work and live.

Top 5 reasons to take the Aboriginal Health Science Success Program Program at Dalhousie:

  1. Dream big: Explore career options you never thought possible. Dalhousie’s wide range of programs means you can find the medical, dental, health or agricultural program that’s right for you — even if you don’t have the right pre-requisites.
  2. An excellent foundation: Prepare for undergrad programs in sciences and health sciences setting the solid academic foundations for advance study in medicine, dentistry and health care professions.
  3. A close-knit environment: Making friends and getting to know your profs is easy when your classes are so small.
  4. Get support and encouragement: The AHSSP Coordinator will be actively involved in your learning environment, providing academic and cultural support. There will also be links to the Dalhousie Native Student Association (DNSA), the Aboriginal Health Sciences Initiative (AHSI) and the Native Counselling Unit in Halifax. Take part in many events throughout the year in Truro and Halifax, including the annual campus Mawio’mi and cultural events at the Glooskap Heritage Centre.
  5. A unique approach: Be part of a unique initiative that prepares Aboriginal students to be health care providers, and also instructs non-Aboriginal health care students on historical and cultural issues of importance to Aboriginal patients. This contributes to a better understanding and quality of patient care for all.

What will I learn?


Jump-start your university experience with the Success program, which combines academic study with university preparation. This unique program gives you a solid foundation for further studies at Dalhousie.

What can I do?


The Success program opens the door to future studies and rewarding careers in areas you might never have considered. Complete the program, and apply to continue your studies in Health Professions, Health Sciences, Science, Agriculture or any other undergraduate degree program of your choice.