Group Activities

Group Hiking in Aug. 2018

Obrovac lab went to Cape Split in N.S. for hiking. Nice weather and nice trip.


Group Trip in Jul. 2017

We visited McNabs island, again! Lots of fun.


Annual Chemistry Gala

Past and present members of the Obrovac group attend the annual Chemistry Gala.
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Obrovac group visits McNab's Island

Members of the Obrovac group visit McNab's Island in Halifax Harbour.
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Obrovac Lab Visits Peggy's Cove

The Obrovac group visits Peggy's Cove, NS for some Summer fun. Pictured are Kalani Periyapperuma, Andrew Yao (summer student), Aaron Windsor (summer student), and Thushan Pathirana (research assistant).
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Cape Split Camping Trip

Members of the Obrovac group travel to Cape Split for a summer camping trip.
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