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Peer Review

Submission to the CIHR International Peer Review Expert Panel

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) recently introduced a number of changes to the peer review process for its investigator-initiated funding programs. These changes were highly controversial. In June 2016, an open letter to the federal Minister of Health (CIHR falls under the Minister's remit) raising significant concerns with CIHR's reforms to peer review garnered signatures from over 1,300 Canadian health researchers. In response, CIHR convened a Peer Review Working Group to advise CIHR on the implementation of the proposed changes before the launch of its next Project and Foundation competitions in the fall of 2016. Subsequently, CIHR also convened an International Peer Review Expert Panel to study the reforms, hold hearings with members of the Canadian research community, and deliver a report to CIHR. Read a copy of the written submission by Matthew Herder (JSM, LLM) to the CIHR International Peer Review Expert Panel on 17 Jan 2017.

Herder, M. (17 Jan 2017). Submission to the CIHR International Peer Review Expert Panel

Image courtesy of CIHR Peer Review Working Group