Statistical Consulting

The Statistical Consulting Service provides professional consultation. We welcome consultations from researchers and graduate students within Dalhousie University and also from government, business and scientific communities outside of Dalhousie. Our consultant is Dr. Huaichun Wang.

The consulting service operates on a fee-for-service or contract basis. Bills are due within 30 days of the invoice date. Support for graduate students is available at a reduced rate.

We work with clients on study design, exploratory data analysis, model development and hypothesis testing. Consultation at an early stage makes it easier to make adjustments during the course of the study, if needed, but we are willing to consult at any stage. We can assist you with understanding and, if need be, implementing statistical methods. If you are planning on analyzing your data with your own software, we can help you interpret the output.

Hours: By appointment only.

Contact information: The Consulting Service office is located on the first floor of the Chase building, Room 115, Department of Mathematics and Statistics. For details on fees, or to make an appointment, send an email to

Updated: 04 March 2024