Mass Spectrometry Laboratory


Director Prof. Alison Thompson,, (902) 494-6421
MS Technologist Xiao Feng, MSc,, (902) 494-1663


The Laboratory offers a range of mass spectrometric ionization techniques, including electron ionization (EI), electrospray ionization (ESI), atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI), chemical ionization (CI), and matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI). Tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) can be performed in some ionization modes. In addition to regular (low-resolution) measurements, high-resolution (accurate mass) services are available for EI, ESI, APCI and APPI. Researchers within and outside the Department of Chemistry can access the mass spectrometry facilities through service provisions.  For some instruments, hands-on use by researchers can be arranged after suitable training.

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MS Software Downloads

This site features programs (for the PC) that can be downloaded free and that (1) calculate isotope cluster patterns of various types, (2) calculate all possible formulae for ions of a given m/z ratio, (3) correct peak intensities in spectra with intense [M-1] ions, (4) calculate accurate m/z ratios for noncovalently bonded cluster ions and other useful parameters.

MS Links

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