Safe Space

Do you have a question about sexualized violence or any form of discrimination?

Biology Department Safe Space Allies: serve as allies for anyone in the Department who has been impacted by sexualized violence or any form of discrimination as part of their experience in our Department.

These individuals (Dr. Jen Frail-Gauthier and Dr. Erin Bertrand) are not trained counsellors or social workers.
Rather, they are informed about resources and procedures available to assist impacted individuals, and are prepared to help survivors identify and access the assistance they need.

They have current Mental Health First Aid training, will have undergone provincial training in supporting survivors of sexual violence, and may have additional certifications.

They’re here to help, without judgment.  

You may also fill out an anonymous form

You can contact them individually:
Erin Bertrand Office: 5076b;
Jen Frail-Gauthier  Office: 4015