Information for Supervisors

“The Faculty of Graduate Studies is responsible for graduate admissions (shared with the Registrar’s Office), the administration of student programs, scholarships and financial awards, convocation audits, and relations with external agencies awarding scholarships to graduate students, including the national granting councils and the Killam Trusts.1

Faculty of Graduate Studies

There are a number of documents available on line related to the supervision of graduate students. The Faculty of Graduate Studies Manual on Policies, Governance and Procedures is the official University document for procedures, policies, rules and regulations governing students, supervisors and graduate coordinators, committees and other regulatory bodies from the time of application and acceptance to convocation of the graduate student.

Department of Biology

The Graduate Program Regulations of the Department of Biology have been passed by the Committee of the Whole (COW). These formal regulations are required to ensure fairness to both students and professors and to facilitate administration. It is recommended that all supervisors read through these guidelines at least once.

Any faculty member supervising a graduate student must be a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. For adjunct professors2, research associates3 or cross-appointees (from another Dalhousie department) membership must first be approved by the Department of Biology Appointments and Awards Committee. Initial application should be made to the Chair of the Appointments and Awards Committee. For further information see the Biology Procedures and Guidelines for Application, Appointment and Renewal of Honourary Adjuncts Professors and Adjunct Research Associates.


1FGS Manual on Policies, Governance and Procedures (July 2006)

2Adjunct Professor (as defined by the FGS Manual on Policies, Governance and Procedures)
The designation Adjunct Professor (also Adjunct Associate, Assistant Professor, Adjunct Lecturer) is suitable for individuals, non-Dalhousie faculty or employees, with appropriate academic qualifications equivalent to the requirements for a faculty appointment who have a regular involvement with Dalhousie University graduate programs, including for instance as thesis supervisors, serving on supervisory committees, or teaching graduate classes. Normally, these appointments will be as Adjunct Professor, however depending on seniority or the nature of the involvement of the member one of the other categories may occasionally be appropriate.

3Adjunct Research Associate (as defined by the FGS Manual on Policies, Governance and Procedures)
This is a Board appointment for an individual involved in the research program of a unit on a regular or visiting basis, available through the Faculty of Graduate Studies by the same procedures as used for adjunct professors. Interaction with graduate students will normally be informal but adjunct research associates may serve on thesis examining committees.

Appointments under categories 2 (above) are Board appointments on recommendation from the Dean of FGS and the Vice-president Academic. Before making a recommendation to the Board, the Dean of FGS will contact employers of prospective adjunct members to obtain permission for the appointment. Appointees will receive a formal letter notifying them of the terms of the appointment.