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Dr. Mike Smit Awarded NSERC Research Grant

Posted by SIM on June 30, 2021 in Research, News

Dr. Mike Smit (SIM Professor) has been awarded an NSERC research grant for his project “Assessing the quality of research data infrastructure software”. More details below. Click here to read the full announcement.

Congrats Mike!

Pushing back and exploring the frontiers of knowledge

A total of 44 Dal researchers are the recipients of over $7.3 million in funding from NSERC’s Discovery Grants and Research Tools and Instruments Grants Programs.

The Discovery Grants (DG) program is NSERC’s largest and longest standing program. By supporting ongoing research programs with long-term goals, Discovery Grants give researchers the flexibility to explore promising avenues of research as they emerge. Recipients are not only making an impact on their field of study, but are specializing in research with the potential to impact the world.

The Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) grants program fosters and enhances the discovery, innovation and training capability of university researchers in the natural sciences and engineering by supporting the purchase of research equipment.

Some of the successful projects include:

Researcher: John Frampton
Faculty: Engineering
 A bioprinter system for fabricating advanced biomaterials

Researcher: Kimberly Brewer
Faculty: Medicine
Project: Development of quantitative multi-contrast molecular imaging

Researcher: Julie LaRoche
Faculty: Science
Project: Renewal of essential flow cytometry instrumentation for the study of marine microbes

Researcher: Mark Obrovac
Faculty: Science
Project: New chemistries for metal matrix composites

Researcher: Mike Smit
Faculty: Management
Project: Assessing the quality of research data infrastructure software

More on NSERC’s Discovery Grant program can be found here.