Managing the Family Enterprise

Course Offering for Undergraduate and Graduate Students


BUSI 6006.03 / MGMT 3308.03 / COMM 3308.03

Family enterprises dominate the business landscape of Atlantic Canada with business such as Sobeys, Irving and McCain. A large number of smaller businesses are family-owned and operated too. With over 65% of all businesses in Canada being family firms, the likelihood of your encountering a family firm (as a family member that owns the business, or as an employee, a customer or a supplier) is extremely high. While these firms are similar to non-family firms in some respects, they are unique in others. This class provides you with a state-of-the-art treatment of critical issues that confront these firms. It addresses issues such as challenges and strengths of family firms, inter-generational dynamics, sibling relationships, managing of conflict, succession planning and transfer of power from one family member to another, professionalization and strategic management of family firms. There is the opportunity for extensive interaction and discussion in class and to view a family firm closely through a field project. In addition, you are exposed to some professionals who deal with family firms.

FORMAT: Lecture/discussion 3 hours

PROFESSORS:  Dr. Albert James  

SCHEDULE: Offered in the fall term each year; refer to the academic timetable for additional details.