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Family business and its unique characteristics is an area that has received relatively little research. Existing research needs to be augmented to assist families and professionals in dealing with issues facing family businesses. We have professors dealing in Family Business at Dalhousie and we would like to continue to develop our strength in this area to allow us to look at the particular characteristics of business in Atlantic Canada and enhance existing research.

In 2014 the Centre began a research project to determine the extent of family business in Atlantic Canada under the leadership of Dr. Scott Comber.  Following the conclusion of the pilot study, a more fullsome survey will be distributed in 2015 with the intention of having the findings shared at the Atlantic Canada Family Business Summit in May of 2016.

In addition to our local research initiative, Dalhousie is also one of eight North American and only two Canadian universities involved in the Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices (STEP) Global Research Project. As a team member, the Centre strives to introduce leading research in family business to the Atlantic region.

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