Registration Information for summer 2021

MPA (Management) Program

Registration Information for Summer 2021

Please take the time to read the registration instructions outlined in this guide. If after reading all of this information you still have questions, please contact Sarah at

How to Register

1-    Log into DalOnline:

2-    Select 2020-2021 Summer

3-    Enter the CRN for each course as shown

Registration Deadline: March 29, 2021         

Registration and Intensives 

·         Registration is required by the deadline in order to finalize class sizes, intensives, and Brightspace preparation.

·         Students may not add, drop or "switch" courses / intensives after the Registration Deadline without consulting the CEGE office.  Changes made after the deadline without doing so may result in removal from a course.

·         All intensives will be offered virtually for the Summer 2021 term.   They are mandatory and all day attendance/access is required. 

·         Intensives are directly connected to the course number.  Please note the corresponding time zones and dates for each and register accordingly, ensuring you can attend the full intensive as you would have done when they are held in person. 

·         The drop dates apply to the online portion as well as the intensive. 

·         To confirm if registration went through, pleaser verify your schedule in DalOnline. 

·         If available prior to the course start date, syllabi will be posted on the Current Student website:

Account holds?  Tuition / Financial Account Questions?                                                                902-494-3998                                                                                                                            

Students are responsible for ensuring their account is up to date.  Holds will prevent you from registering. CEGE staff do not have access to these details.   

Textbooks                                                                                                                                                          Students are responsible for ordering their own textbooks.  If a book is required for a course, its ISBN is located below the course details.  Suggested retailers/publishers: 

Indigo / Chapters                           Amazon                      Dalhousie Bookstore

The publisher’s website (McGraw-Hill, Pearson etc.)

SUMMER 2021   Start date: May 3, 2021
NOTE:  Intensives may be combined should registration numbers not support two sections.

Managing Information Resources (Option for new students)




Section and Intensive Dates





70: Online   Aug 4-6  

J. Roy




71:  Online    Aug  9-11

J. Roy

No textbook required. Materials provided online.

Intergovernmental Relations (Option for new students) *New to schedule




Section and Intensive Dates





70:  Online: August 7-8

L. Turnbull

Required textbook: None

Public Service Leadership




Section and Intensive Dates





70: Online     Aug  19-21

B. Foster (Timetable notes “Staff” for now)

No textbook required.  Materials provided online.

*** Classes and/or intensive location offerings are subject to minimum enrollment. **


Effective May 2020 (Spring/Summer term), the Resource Fee, which covered all course materials, has been renamed the Auxiliary Fee. The Auxiliary Fee will be a reduced amount that will cover all course materials except textbooks. It includes the preparation of learning materials, copyright and licensing fees for cases, articles, and other materials associated with the delivery of the course. These course materials will be made available to you either in Brightspace or via distribution as hard copies at the intensives. Lesson notes will continue to be available electronically in Brightspace.


Tuition $2000  +  Auxiliary  $125 = Total  $2125

If your employer will be paying your tuition, please have them fill out the Third Party Billing form. This is necessary each semester if their assistance applies.


Dates to Remember:

Last day for registration

For any changes to your registration after this date, please contact the CEGE office.

March 29, 2021

Tuition fees due

May 3, 2021

Last day to add/drop course(s) Student will receive full tuition.  Dropped courses will not appear on your academic record.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DROP DATE APPLIES TO THE BOTH THE ONLINE PORTION AND INTENSIVE.  YOU MAY NOT SWITCH INTENSIVES AFTER THIS DATE.

May 14, 2021

Last day to withdraw from a course without a “W” (Withdrawn) on your transcript. Student will receive partial tuition refund.

May 31, 2021

Last day to withdraw from a course and receive a “W” (Withdrawn) on your transcript.  Student will receive partial tuition refund. 

June 28, 2021

***Please Note:  Non-completion of assignments or non-attendance at intensive sessions does NOT constitute withdrawal.  The University must receive written notification of withdrawal.

Student ID Card: 

Order your card today in order to access to important library resources

New students must go to the Dal Card office website and request an ID card.

Important Notes:

1.         Passwords

o    If you do not remember your Dal Online PIN code, enter your Dal ID on the login page and click on “Forgot PIN”

o    If your NetID password expired or you have forgotten your password; to reactivate it, please visit:

2.         New Students:  If you do not have your Student ID number (this is your B00#), please contact  Your Student ID is included on your official acceptance letter provided via email by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

3.         Change of Address: If there are any updates to your contact information, please email You will also need to make the changes to your academic record via Dal Online

4.         The Faculty of Graduate Studies permits all students to have one semester off per school year (September – August). If you wish to take any terms off, please contact Sarah to request a Program Continuance or Leave of Absence. (

5.         Library Access/Writing Centre:  Our library is a great resource for all distance students.               

             We highly recommend you visit the website.   Some links that you may find interesting are:

Ø  Library Main Page:

Ø  Libraries Distance Services:  

Ø  Writing Guide

6.         Advanced Placement/Transfer Credit:  must be requested in your first term of study.

7.         Approval of Program of Study:  All students must approve the program of study requirements within the first term of study; please check Dal Online, Web for Student, Graduate Studies Information System (GSIS) to ensure this is completed.