DLIAA Executive


Nathaniel Smith

The Chair conducts the general business of the Associated Alumni and chairs executive and general meetings (nathaniel.smith@gov.ab.ca)

Maddie Hare
Vice Chair

The Vice-Chair acts in the absence of the Associated Alumni Chair and and is nominated for chair at the end of the term. They also chair the nomination committee. (maddie.hare@dal.ca)

Jill Liu
Past Chair

The Past Chair acts as an advisor to the Associated Alumni Executive, serves as the Associated Alumni's representative on the Dalhousie Alumni Association's Board of Directors and assists the Vice-Chair in the work of the Nominations Committee. (jill.liu@dal.ca)

Kristy Hancock
Program Convenor

The Program Convener makes arrangements for the Associated Alumni’s functions, such as the Alumni Welcome Reception, and acts as a liaison between the Associated Alumni and the Information Science Student Assocation (ISSA). 

Ann Barrett
Executive Secretary

The executive secretary records the proceedings of all general and executive meetings, and conducts the correspondence of the Associated Alumni. 

Marc Harper

The Member-at-Large coordinates and oversees special projects and initiatives as defined annually by the executive and provides assistance in conducting DLIAA affairs

Standing Committee Reps

Nominations Committee
Vice-Chair: vacant
Past Chair: Katherine Luber
Program Committee
Program Convenor: Kristy Hancock
Outstanding Alumni Award Selection Commitee
OAA Chair: vacant

Program Committee Reps

MI Admissions Committee
Samantha Adema
Appointments, Promotion & Tenure Committee
Kydra Mayhew
MIM Curriculum Committee under review
MI Curriculum Committee Sarah Jane Dooley