Environmental Law Students' Society

The Environmental Law Students Society (ELSS) is a student-run society that focuses on environmental issues as they relate to the law. We are very active within the law school, the greater university, and the Halifax community in general. Guest lectures, community contribution, environmental law oriented occasions, social events and outings are all organized and executed by the ELSS members.

The ELSS thrives on student participation. We hold weekly or bi-weekly general meetings for our society. All members are welcome to attend and actively participate in event planning and activism efforts. We also strive to integrate environmental issues into the existing curriculum in the Schulich School of Law. Because of our student participation, our efforts aim to reach beyond the law school into the broader community.

In the 2012-2013 academic year the ELSS partnered with ECE Law to host David Boyd, a researcher, writer and activist. The ELSS also hosted Gillian Deacon, jointly with the College of Sustainability. Both events were open to the community and acted as a platform for environmental discussion and exposure to current environmental law topics. 

Our environmental activism remained strong throughout the academic year. The ELSS held multiple activism workshops, tackling letter writing skills and increasing our understanding of activism efforts as well as available mechanisms to achieve success. This acted as a platform that prompted a visit to the provincial legislature, challenging the province to meet the conservation efforts that are required by statute to protect the mainland moose populations and as well as to increase the percentage of the province that could be classified as protected areas. We also hosted a bike challenge, using a bit of friendly competition to promote sustainable transit and inspire students (and Faculty!) to remain active and do their part for the environment. Several students also volunteered with ECE Law to create an environmental crime report–a database of cases involving violations of environmental regulations throughout the provinces.

To facilitate student interest in environmental law and non-traditional legal careers, the ELSS hosted two events to foster exposure to these fields. Alternative Career’s Night was hosted in conjunction with multiple other student societies, with the ELSS inviting panelists from the environmental law field. Meet the Professors was hosted by the ELSS, providing a casual environment for students interested in learning more about the professors in the Marine and Environmental Law program here at the Schulich School of Law.

We look forward to the recurring and new events and activism efforts for the 2013-2014 academic year!