East Coast Environmental Law Association (ECELAW)

Since 2007, collaboration between ECELAW and MELAW has provided students at the Schulich School of Law with practical opportunities to apply their knowledge of environmental law and to connect with community organizations and interests, while at the same time helping ECELAW meet the following mandate to:

  • provide legal information, advice and support to community and environmental groups;
  • research the need for environmental law reform and promote progressive change;
  • provide the next generation of young environmental lawyers in training with real life opportunities to work on environmental law challenges.

Student involvement plays a vital role in developing ECELAW’s overall capacity. ECELAW greatly appreciates the contributions made by the following students from the Schulich School of Law:

  • Georgia Lloyd-Smith, Board member and pro bono organizer
  • Sylina Jones, Board member and ELSS liaison
  • Mathieu Poirier, aquaculture research assistant and volunteer
  • Jacquelyn Rutherford, Boyne Clarke summer student and ELSS co-chair
  • Jamie Simpson, volunteer and ELSS co-chair

ECELAW also appreciates the service of MELAW professors, such as Meinhard Doelle, who served as Chair of ECELAW’s board of directors from 2007-March 2013, and Moira McConnell, who joined the board in March 2013.

Environmental Placement Course

ECELAW works with MELAW through the Environmental Placement Course.

In 2012/13, with supervision from Diane Rowe of the Nova Scotia Justice Department and Professor Philip Saunders, second year student Jamie Simpson prepared A Legal Guide for Woodlot Owners in Nova Scotia for the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association, which will be published on ECELAW’s website.

ECELAW admits three students to the course annually.

The research carried out for this course is of a high quality and much appreciated by the environmental community.