Our Staff



Irene Fitzgerald, Administrative Manager

The Administrative Manager is responsible for managing the office and administrative functions of the School.

Email: irene.fitzgerald@dal.ca
Telephone: (902) 473-7939
Fax: (902) 473-5115            

Megan ChisholmClinical Coordinator

The Clinical Coordinator is responsible for assigning students to clinical placements and providing support to preceptors and clinical sites.

Email:  megan.chisholm@dal.ca
Telephone: (902) 473-8400
Fax: (902) 473-5115        

Colleen Flemming, Admissions & Program Officer 

The Admissions & Program Officer advises prospective and current students regarding all aspects of the admissions process and academic regulations. She also provides support and advice to the School Admissions Committee.

Email: hscadmis@dal.ca
Telephone: (902) 473-6681
Fax: (902) 473-5115

Jaclyn Kempton, Faculty Support Secretary

The Faculty Support Secretary provides curricular support to Faculty members. She also supports the Curriculum Committee and the School's various Clinical Education Committees.

Email: jaclyn.kempton@dal.ca
Tel:  (902) 473-6674
Fax: (902) 473-5115

Tracy Greene, Student Services/Receptionist

The Student Services/Receptionist provides assistance to students as the first point of contact with the School of Health Sciences.  She also provides support to the Clinical Coordinator and the Administrative Manager.

Email: health.sciences@dal.ca
Telephone: (902) 473-5510
Fax: (902) 473-5115