Academic Advising

All students are strongly encouraged to meet with their School academic advisors to review their progress.  The role of the academic advisor is to assist students with:

  • Academic planning, concerns, and procedures, including class selection, adding/deleting classes.
  • Understanding University, Faculty, and School policies, and general program requirements, which may affect them.
  • Resources available at Dalhousie and in the wider community for concerns which are beyond the responsibility of the academic advisors.

A variety of issues can fall under the category of academic concerns.  If you are experiencing difficulties with coursework or your overall workload, the academic advisor is a good person to approach for suggestions about what kind of help may be useful and where you can find it.  Tackling academic challenges early is key to success in your program of studies.

Advisors effective March 1, 2022 and for  2022-2023:

Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Nuclear Medicine Technology
Sherry Chauder
Nichole Bower
Radiological Technology Respiratory Therapy
Stephanie Lea
Tammy Scott
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 
Jennifer Williams
Post Diploma
For inquiries, please contact:
School of Health Sciences