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Donate to the School of Health Sciences

Year after year, the Dalhousie Fund adds tremendous value to the university experience.  This fund fils a host of needs and provides real-world learning opportunities by financing important initiatives like:

  • scholarships
  • bursaries
  • learning tools
  • technology

When you donate to the fund, your gift is guaranteed to stay at the School of Health Sciences to support the needs of your future colleagues or health service providers.

We are very grateful for all contributions made to the School of Health Sciences, whether is be a contribution to an existing fund, a one-time gift, or a bequest.

As the costs of education and research continue to rise, the School of Health Sciences needs your support to help educate students and enable them to take their achievements out into the world.

There are many options for giving back.  You can make a donation online, or, to discuss any of these options, please contact: