Program Fees

Term payments

According to Dalhousie University Faculty of Graduate Studies’ guidelines, students of the Clinical Vision Science Program pay programme fees for two program years. There are 3 payments per year, 6 in total for the whole Program.

Program payments 2018-19:

Summer Term $3,694.13 Due May 22, 2018
Fall Term $4,204.03 Due Sept 18, 2018
Winter Term $3,763.03 Due Jan 18, 2019

An additional course administration fee of $102 is added and has to be paid by distance students for each ½-credit distance course taken in the term. See detailed fee structure at 2018-2019 Graduate Studies Programme Fees.

Graduate diploma fees

After completion of all course work, students not planning to continue with thesis research, may graduate with Graduate Diploma (DORTH/OMT).  Students choosing this option must fulfill the 2-year program fee requirement before graduation. DORTH/OMT graduates may return to the Program at a later date to complete their thesis for the Master's degree. In this case lapse registration fees and continuing fees will apply.

International students

Students registering who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents have to pay an additional fee referred to as “Graduate Programme Differential Fee". It is to cover the subsidy that the province offers to Canadian students. This term fee for Clinical Vision Science students is $2,065 and is payable three times per academic year.

Dalhousie International Students are required to purchase the International Health Insurance Plan each year while in the program:

Single $491
Married $1,227

If an international student already has coverage, they have to apply to the International Exchange and Student Services for reimbursement at the beginning of the academic year. For the exact deadline of the application and for details please contact the International Exchange and Student Services Office. Phone: (902) 494-1735; Fax: (902) 494-6848

Continuing education fee

The Clinical Vision Science Program is a two-year programme. A continuing fee applies if a student stays longer than 2 years in the Program, regardless of whether the additional time is needed for courses, practicum or for thesis. Faculty of Graduate Studies’ policies at Dalhousie University allow Master’s students a maximum of 5 years to graduate from the Clinical Vision Science Program. For more information contact the Student Service Centre.
Phone: (902) 494-3998; Fax: (902) 494-2839

Certification exam fees

Students are responsible for any cost associated with travel to their national certification exams.