Celebrating the Class of 2020


Message from the Faculty of Engineering

In celebration of our graduating students, we are honouring the hard work, dedication and achievements of the class of 2020.

You should be proud of everything you’ve accomplished.

Throughout your time at Dal, you’ve had the opportunity to experience so much change on Sexton campus. Through the IDEA Project, you’ve watched as the Faculty of Engineering completely transformed into a campus driven by a desire to graduate the most creative and forward-thinking minds in the industry. You are a true example of that goal.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world, it’s also showcased that our world will be a better place because of people like you.

On behalf of the entire engineering community we’d like to wish you success and good fortune in your future endeavours. You are an inspiration to the Faculty of Engineering and to all future engineering students.

Congratulations from the Faculty of Engineering

October 2020 Engineering Graduates

Bachelor of Engineering: Chemical Engineering

Akano, Sam

Sharma, Archit

Singthanuprasert, Mick

Yool, John

Bachelor of Engineering: Industrial Engineering

Roulston, Stewart

Bachelor of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

Liang, Zhigang

Diploma in Engineering

Aftanas, Stuart

Alam, Mohsiul

Aly, Shady

Amos-Esonwanne, Emmanuel

An, Zishuo

Angbazo, Mark

Arsenault, Karl

Arseneau, Andrew

Azhar, Abdul Haseeb

Azcarraga Egido, Maria

Balodis, Mikayla

Carson, Liam W.

Chikezie, Miracle

Coffin, Jeffrey

Colak, Cagatay

Dominguez Galindo, Gerardo

El Ashkar, Maria

El Ashkar, Mazen

Graham, James

Hoque, Fauziah T.

Imam, Youssef

Inkpen, Tristin

Liu, Yutong

MacNeil, Kyle

Marot, Robert

Masood, Asad

McFarland, Aidan

Michael, James Okito

Mohamed, Ahmed Islam Mohamed Hosny

Mohamed Khalifa, Yasmin

Nassef, Ezzat

Nunn, Aaron

Ozturk, Zeynep

Riad, Malak

Seif El Nasr, Tarek

Shaw, Maria

Sun, Yao

Travers, William H.

Wade, Samuel

Wahba, Omar

Whalen, Nicholas

Yi, David

Yoon, Paul

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