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Computer Science students honoured at IMPACT Awards

Posted by Becca Rawcliffe on March 31, 2017 in News
Computer Science students Yaser Alkayale and Gabriella Mosquera celebrate with the Dal Tiger
Computer Science students Yaser Alkayale and Gabriella Mosquera celebrate with the Dal Tiger

Six Faculty of Computer Science students were honoured for their accomplishments outside of the classroom at the 6th Annual IMPACT Awards.

Aisha Abawajy, Mariam Ragab, Hasmeet Singh Chandok, Yaser Alkayale, Gabriella Mosquera and Salman Sajid celebrated their achievements at the awards ceremony last Thursday.

“Our IMPACT Awards winners represent the spirit, academic excellence and diversity of Computer Science at Dalhousie and demonstrate the impact students can have on the university and wider community”, said Andrew Rau-Chaplin, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science.

2017 IMPACT Award Faculty of Computer Science winners


Awarded to first, second and third-year students who have demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment, leadership, creativity and initiative to the DSU, as well as the community and campus at large.

Aisha Abawajy for her contribution to student life through her numerous society and committee positions for the Computer Science Society, the DSU Elections Committee, the Dalhousie African Students Association to name a few.

Mariam Ragab for her enthusiasm on and off campus including her establishment of RESULTs Canada-Dalhousie Chapter, dedicated to raising awareness and funds for developing countries.  


Awarded to the student who has demonstrated the highest level of excellence in leadership, engagement in the community, inspires others, and is a respected voice for international students at Dalhousie.

Hasmeet Singh Chandok has demonstrated his leadership and community engagement skills after launching the Maritime Bhangra Group and Sikh Student Association at Dalhousie, amongst other accolades.


Awarded to a student in good academic standing in each Dalhousie faculty. These students exemplify the highest level of passion for their discipline, take initiative in creating new opportunities, and encourage their peers to engage in faculty events. Faculty Leadership Award winners positively impact other students in their faculty and the reputation of their faculty outside of the classroom.

Yaser Alkayale for his entrepreneurial passion and dedication to supporting the Syrian community in Canada and international students, including the introduction of a Syrian Student Coding Camp.

Gabriella Mosquera for co-finding the Computer Science Graduate Society, dedication to diversity in the faculty and support of external humanitarian projects.


The Governors’ Awards are the top student awards at Dalhousie University. They recognize students who contribute to the quality and vitality of the university and the achievement of its mission, through both their academic accomplishments and their involvement in campus life. They are awarded each year for exceptional contributions or leadership in such areas as university governance, development of a sense of community on campus, community service, internationalizing the campus, visual or performing arts, minority access, or athletics, while maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or above.

Salman Sajid was presented with this top student award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to student life, chiefly his work to support international students and his commitment to bringing groups together to help the community.