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New Technology Innovation Special Topics Course

Posted by Grant Wells on December 21, 2015 in News, Innovation, Undergraduate, Students

This winter, we are offering the brand new Technology Innovation course. It is now open for registration. The course incorporates elements of entrepreneurial mindset, design thinking, UI + UX, rapid prototyping, and software engineering to address the growing demand in industry for workers who possess these skills and for developers in the startup space. 

Interdisciplinary Design students from NSCAD University will be joining students at Dalhousie University in this unique, multi-institutional classroom hosted at ShiftKey Labs every Monday from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Students will be introduced to entrepreneurial mindset and design thinking in weeks one and two of the course. In week three, an industry expert/researcher will present a design challenge to students who will then form small project teams and work together for the remainder of the semester. Teams will apply the concepts learned in-class to solve the challenge balancing the viability and feasibility of the idea from both business and technical perspectives. A variety of subject matter experts, technical experts, coaches, and other supports will be integrated in to the course to ensure that project teams have the resources needed to be successful. The course will conclude with a public showcase of each project to peers, faculty members, researchers, and the broader community.

If you would like to see the detailed course outline, please access the CSCI 4190/6904—Technology Innovation shared document. Please note that this course is restricted to students in their 3rd year of studies or above. Undergraduate students should register for CSCI 4190 and graduate students should register for CSCI 6904 through the Academic Timetable. The first class will start on January 4th so feel free to join us in-person in room 426 of the Goldberg Computer Science building if you would like to get a better sense of what this exciting new course has to offer.