Honours Theses

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2021-2022 Honours Thesis

Paul Pike | “They Want Me to Play F*cking Bingo!”: The Social Lives of Young at Heart Seniors

Ben Barnes | Eco-Anxiety: an exploration of ontological security and existential anxiety among university students

Bridgette Norwood | Carving in and 'carving out' space: Examining gender in the Halifax skateboarding subculture

Joseph Lahey | Straight Until Proven Queer: Exploring Young Queer Attitudes Towards Coming Out

Bronwyn Lee | Bunching Violets: An exploration into Queer Femmes' construction of identity and belonging

Marcus Rao | Framing the Social Reality of COVID-19

Noam Schwartz | Forming Characters: How Reading Shapes Us

Katie Marson | "The Same Old Story for Women”: a qualitative analysis of women’s identity construction across multiple generations.

Nathan Doras | Putting the 'Cult' in 'Subculture': Investigating Group Identity Development Among Incels

Madelyn Keeping | Missing the Bus, Missing School: Does mode of transportation affect educational engagement among High School students in the HRM?

You can access the full text of many Sociology and Social Anthropology honours theses in this DalSpace collection.

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