Honours Theses

You can access the full text of many Sociology and Social Anthropology honours theses in this DalSpace collection.


Social Anthropology

Simone Brechin Barriers to Mobilizing Support for the Environmental Movement: Managing Insider Culture and Exclusionary Boundaries
Ashley Farrell Midwifery in Nova Scotia: Situating Practices and Identities in the Healthcare System
Sarah Hougen From High School to University: How Cultural Expectations Shape Post-Secondary Experiences
Liz Michels Outside the Box: Community Mailboxes and Social Perceptions of Neighbourhood Change
Alastair Parsons
Purveying Provincial Attitudes: Tourism Workers and the Creation of Commodifiable Culture in Nova Scotia
Elena Rowan Crafting a Brew: Collaboration and Competition Among Halifax’s Craft Beer Brewers


Hannah Bourret "Truth is Hard but Residential School Reconciliation is Harder": Canadian Media's Response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action
Connor Chadsey
Choosing How to Be Addicted: How “Alcoholics” Make Sense of their Struggles
Natalie Forsyth
Why We Use What We Use: Contraception Decision Making in Casual and Non-Monogamous Sexual Relationships
Kristopher George Down Time: Work and Leisure in the Halifax Restaurant Industry
Melissa McDonald Understanding Gendered Experiences of Online Life through a Private Women and Gender Nonbinary Facebook Community
Hannah MacDougall "Working from Wisdom, Not from Pain": Exploring the Relationship Between Theatre and Everyday Life
Jo Minx Generational Differences in Situational Swearing by Canadian University Students, Faculty, and Staff
Aundréa Mitchell
Austerity and Precarious Work: An Examination of Nova Scotia’s Service Sector Post-2008
Tora Oliphant Challenging the “Cookie Cutter”: Premedical Student Responses to Institutional Shaping

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