Undergraduate Program

Thinking about Sociology and Social Anthropology?


SOSA's Chair, Dr. Emma Whelan, gives an introduction to the Undergraduate Program in this Youtube video


Degree Programs

  • Concentrated Honours BA in Sociology or Social Anthropology
  • 20-credit BA with Major in SOSA
  • 20-credit BA with Double Major in SOSA and secondary subject
  • 15-credit BA Concentration in SOSA

For more information about programs and requirements, visit the Undergraduate Calendar or see a SOSA advisor.  

SOSA Minors

We offer four options for Minors in SOSA.  Each minor requires 3 full credits (18 credit hours).

Please note that only some of the classes for each Minor will be offered in any given year.

Many SOSA classes can also count toward interdisciplinary programs.

See current course offerings (academic timetable) or consult our Undergraduate Advisors for futher advice.