Classes Offered

Fall 2018

RELS 1002: Judaism, Christianity & Islam
RELS 1201: Gods, Heroes & Monsters I
RELS 2026: Paganism
RELS 2120: Magic, Science & the Occult
RELS 2365: Philosophy on Trial
RELS 2509: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh: Identity, Culture and State in Pre-Colonial South Asia
RELS 3113: The Mahabharata
RELS 3200: Science & Religion: Historical Perspectives
RELS 3381: Medieval Philosophy from Augustine to Anselm
RELS 3661: The Epicureans
RELS 4010: Islamic Philosophy: al-Ghazali
RELS 4401: Philosophy of the Greek Church Fathers

Winter 2019

RELS 1001: Religions of the East
RELS 1202: Gods, Heros & Monsters II
RELS 2001: Judaism
RELS 2013: Buddhism
RELS 2052: Cultural Introduction to the Arab World
RELS 2203: Philosophy and God
RELS 2420: Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe
RELS 2510: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh: Locating the Trauma of Modern South Asia
RELS 3121: History of European Alchemy
RELS 3201: Science & Religion: Contemporary Perspectives
RELS 3371: The Augustinian Tradition
RELS 3382: Medieval Philosophy from Arabic and Jewish Thinkers to Aquinas
RELS 4018: Christian Theology in Islamic Lands: John of Damascus

RELS Classes not offered in 2018-19

RELS 1600   Introductory Sanskrit I
RELS 2003   Islam
RELS 2011   Hinduism
RELS 2012   Chinese and Japanese Religions
RELS 2025   Conceptions of Nature in the Pre-Modern World
RELS 2027   Magic, Religion and Philosophy
RELS 2205   Philosophy of Religion
RELS 2209   The Roman World from Constantine to Theodosius (312-395)
RELS 2220   Ancient Israel in Her Near Eastern Context
RELS 2281   Christian Beginnings The Orthodox and Oriental Churches
RELS 2292   Goblins, Ghosts, Gods, Gurus I
RELS 2293   Goblins, Ghosts, Gods, Gurus II
RELS 2362   Ancient Philosophy From Aristotle to Plotinus
RELS 2503   Medieval Islamic Civilization
RELS 3008   The Medieval Church
RELS 3009   Christianity in the Lands of Islam
RELS 3012   Mystics of the Middle East
RELS 3018   Meetings Between Hellenism and the East to Philo the Jew
RELS 3019   Meetings between Hellenism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam
RELS 3100   Readings in Western Religions
RELS 3101   The Self and the World in Indian Story
RELS 3111   Vishnu and Krishna the Dark Lord Popular Hindu Religion
RELS 3112   Buddhism in India and Tibet
RELS 3114   Special Topics in Eastern Religions
RELS 3250   Atheism in Early Modern Europe
RELS 3282   Christian Beginnings Catholicism
RELS 3283   Gods in the Flesh Iamblichus and Anselm
RELS 3413   Augustine's Confessions
RELS 3431   St. Augustines On the Trinity Part I
RELS 3432   St. Augustine's On the Trinity Part 2
RELS 3510   Sultans and Shahs Polity and Religion in the Islamic Gunpowder Age
RELS 3600   Sanskrit Texts I Narrative and Epic Selections
RELS 3610   Studies in Ancient and Medieval Science
RELS 3662   Hellenistic Philosophy From Scepticism to Neoplatonism
RELS 3850   The End of the World The Apocalypse in German Thought
RELS 3910   Neoplatonism Plato and Neoplatonism
RELS 4011   Jewish Philosophy Maimonides
RELS 4019   Philo Judaeus Philosophical Religion Plato and Moses
RELS 4060   The Consolation of Philosophy
RELS 4402   Philosophy of the Latin Church Fathers
RELS 4450   Medieval Interpreters of Aristotle
RELS 4500   Seminar on Neoplatonism
RELS 4600   Sanskrit Texts II Myth, Poetry and Drama