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Classes Offered

Fall 2018

RELS 1002: Judaism, Christianity & Islam
RELS 1201: Gods, Heroes & Monsters I
RELS 2026: Paganism
RELS 2120: Magic, Science & the Occult
RELS 2365: Philosophy on Trial
RELS 2509: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh: Identity, Culture and State in Pre-Colonial South Asia
RELS 3113: The Mahabharata
RELS 3200: Science & Religion: Historical Perspectives
RELS 3381: Medieval Philosophy from Augustine to Anselm
RELS 3661: The Epicureans
RELS 4010: Islamic Philosophy: al-Ghazali
RELS 4401: Philosophy of the Greek Church Fathers

Winter 2019

RELS 1001: Religions of the East
RELS 1202: Gods, Heros & Monsters II
RELS 2001: Judaism
RELS 2013: Buddhism
RELS 2052: Cultural Introduction to the Arab World
RELS 2203: Philosophy and God
RELS 2420: Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe
RELS 2510: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh: Locating the Trauma of Modern South Asia
RELS 3121: History of European Alchemy
RELS 3201: Science & Religion: Contemporary Perspectives
RELS 3371: The Augustinian Tradition
RELS 3382: Medieval Philosophy from Arabic and Jewish Thinkers to Aquinas
RELS 4018: Christian Theology in Islamic Lands: John of Damascus