Benjamin Andrews
Pic for Dal Bio

MA '20

"I learned more in one year at Dal than in four years of my undergrad". Read more about Benjamin Andrews.  


David Brock

BA ('00)

"At Dalhousie, professors—including those who hold named chairs—teach classes, not teaching assistants. This is increasingly unique in Canada and should be applauded." Read more about David Brock.


Gavin Charles
Gavin Charles - Parliament

BA '11

"My studies in political science at Dal laid the foundation for all of my further study and work that came afterwards." Read more about Gavin Charles  


Sarah Dobson
Sarah Dobson

Honours '17

"Getting to work with professors at the top of their field as a young student was humbling, and the size of the program at Dalhousie allows students to really get to know and learn from them". Read more about Sarah Dobson.


Mohamed Elgayar

BA '17, MA '19

"The mark Dalhousie University left on me will never be replaced." Read more about Mohamed Elgayar.


Cameron Foster

BA ’10, JD ‘13

"I am time and again impressed by how my Dalhousie roots have continued to support and enhance my pursuits." Read more about Cameron Foster


Matthew Gillis
matt gillis photo

BA ’09, MA ’10

"I'm negotiating with national representatives on a daily basis, directly applying skills I learned in some of my Poli Sci classes." Read more about Matthew Gillis.


Amy MacKenzie
Amy headshot2

MA '19

"I wanted a community environment rather than a highly competitive and cold graduate experience". Read more about Amy MacKenzie.


Andrea Moe
andrea moe

BA '09

"There's no better place to live and study than Halifax. It has a great nightlife, lots to do, and is beautifully situated on the ocean." Read more about Andrea Moe.


Rachel Morgan

Honours '15

"My story isn't necessarily a conventional next step after a Political Science degree, but I thought it would be interesting enough to share." Read more about Rachel Morgan


Roger Thompson

Honours '91, MA '94

"I would not be where I am today if I had not received such a great education from Dalhousie University." Read more about Roger Thompson


Davis Yuzdepski

MA '19

"I can say confidently that my time in the Political Science MA program at Dal really did prepare me to begin a rather unexpected career in public education policy". Read more about Davis Yuzdepski.