Patricia Manuel



Phone: 902-494-6597
Fax: 902-423-6672
Mailing Address: 
HB3D Medjuck Building, 5410 Spring Garden Road
PO Box 15000, Halifax, NS, Canada B3H 4R2


  • BA, Carleton University
  • MSc, McGill University
  • PhD, Dalhousie University


  • Plan 2001 Landscape Analysis
  • Plan 3001 Landscape Ecology
  • Plan 3031 Geology and Land Use Planning- Exploring the Connections
  • Plan 4001 Environmental Planning Studio
  • Plan 4050 Thesis Proposal
  • Plan 4100 Community Design Internship
  • Plan 4131 Planning of Coastal Communities and Regions
  • Plan 4500 Thesis Project
  • Plan 5304 Research Design
  • Plan 6000 Planning Project and Seminar
  • Plan 6250 Maritime Field Trip
  • Plan 6256 International Field Trip

Research Interests

Professor Manuel conducts research in environmental planning with a focus on climate change adaptation planning, wetlands interpretation and management, and watershed planning and management. She also researches community planning and design and health. Her recent work has focussed on climate change impacts along the coast and the vulnerability of coastal populations and communities to sea level rise and coastal flooding. She also studies land use planning as a tool of climate change adaptation.

Selected Publications

  • Mercer-Clarke, C., Manuel, P. and Warren, F. Forthcoming. Chapter 3 in D. Lemmen and F. Warren, eds. Assessment of Climate Change Sensitivity, Risk and Adaptation along Canada’s Marine Coasts. Natural Resources Canada, Government of Canada, Ottawa, ON.
  • Manuel, P., Reeves, Y. and K. Hooper. Forthcoming. Part 2 Land Use Planning Tools Adaptation Options. Adapting to Climate Change in Coastal Communities of the Atlantic Provinces, Canada: Land Use Planning and Engineering and Natural Approaches. Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Association. Natural Resources Canada. 189 p.
  • Krawchenko, T., Keefe, J., Manuel, P. and E. Rapaport. 2016. Coastal climate change, vulnerability and age-friendly communities: Linking planning for climate change to the age friendly communities agenda. Journal of Rural Studies. 44: 55-62.
  • Manuel, P., Rapaport, E., Keefe, J. and T. Krawchenko. 2015. Coastal climate change and aging communities in Atlantic Canada: A methodological overview of community asset and social vulnerability mapping. Canadian Geographer. 59(4): 433-446.
  • Rapport, R., Manuel, P., Keefe, J. and T. Krawchenko. 2015. How can aging communities adapt to coastal climate change? Planning for both social and place vulnerability. In progress. Submitted to Canadian Public Policy. June 2015: 166-177.
  • Manuel, P. 2014. ‘Watersheds’. Book Section, pp. 7008-7011 in A. Michalos, editor. Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research. Springer Netherlands. Pdf link:
  • Rapaport, E., P. Manuel and J. Keefe. 2013. Implications of sea level rise and extreme flooding impacts in rural coastal communities with aging populations:  Case studies from Nova Scotia. NS Department of Environment, Halifax, NS. 269 p.
  • Manuel, P., E. Rapaport, M. Cochran, J. Critchley, A. Johnston, J. Muise, and Z. Wollenberg.  2012. Yarmouth: A case study in climate change. Part 1: Introduction and Background. Report for Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions. Nova Scotia Department of Environment. Halifax, NS.
  • Manuel, P., A. MacDonald, A. Johnston and E. Rapaport. 2012. MCAPP -- Municipal Climate Change Action Plan Guide Book Mentor Project for the Town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Report for Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions. Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. Halifax, NS.
  • Grant, J.L. and Manuel, P. 2011. Policy and Decision Maker Perspectives on Youth Health and the Built Environment: Focus Groups with Atlantic Canadian Planners. Planning Practice and Research, 26(1), 43-57.

Selected awards, honours, honorary appointments

  • 2015    Atlantic Planners Institute, Award for Excellence, Research Project, with Eric Rapaport and Janice Keefe
  • 2010    Visiting faculty appointment, University Centre of the Westfjords, Akureyri University, Iceland

Memberships and Service

  • Canadian Institute of Planners
  • Atlantic Planners Institute
  • Licensed Professional Planners Association of Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Association of Geographers - Co-chair, CAG Halifax, 2016
  • Coastal Zone Canada
  • Advisor, Canadian Climate Change and Coastal Risk Assessment Scientific Advisory Committee
  • Expert Panel in Climate Change Adaptation. Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Association
  • Board member, McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park Advisory Committee